The Diamond Range

We would like to introduce to you a new and exciting product range called
“The Diamond Range”.

The Diamond Range is designed and manufactured here in the UK.

After speaking to the main man behind the brand, Mel Pocock, he explained:

“Whilst we understand building a brand is going to be no mean feat and some won’t be beaten, we are here to join them and offer a very good quality product.

Designed and made in the UK which still to this day has a nice sound to it, in a market that is ever growing.

The team we have around us is perfect, we all know each other and have worked on projects in the past that have been very successful.

So far we have concentrated on derby covers for both Harley-Davidson sportsters and big twins and point covers for both models.

What we did not want to do is rush into making lots of things all at once and not put the time and effort in at every stage, even down to our bespoke black anodised bolt kits that come with all our products.

Now we are happy with them we are able to move onto the next stage of products…”