After a trip to Italy for the Eicma bike show back in November 2016 and having spent hours and hours walking around looking at all the really cool bikes that were being revealed and that had been custom built, we sat down in awe and said how cool it would be with Mel Pocock’s vast motocross career and the fact that it is totally outside the box to build a Harley-Davidson into a motocross bike and for Mel to ride it around his own private track, have some fun and make some cool videos!!.

With that idea purely a pipe dream we put it to the back of our minds, until we heard whispers that Harley were going to launch the Street Rod 750, we then decided to buy one and share the idea with Shaw Harley Davidson in Sussex.  After initial discussions with dealer principle Steve Willis, who is also head of the famous Shaw Speed and Custom, and along with their design guru Simon Pocock they thought it was a mad but great idea.

The next step was for Steve to approach Harley-Davidson Europe to put the idea to them, and fortunately for us they loved the concept and agreed to give us one of their pre production bikes to make MP119 come to life BUT there is a BUT we had 10 days to turn the bike into a reality as they wanted to have the bike back for the Press launch in Marbella.  Having sat down again we agreed the 10 day turn around would limit us to what was achievable, so making the bike lighter and more agile for the track, would have to wait for another day and we went for the look of what is going to be the start of something exciting. We got on with the task in hand and pulled out all the favours, and our thanks go to Öhlins Suspension, Race FX, Image Design and Custom, HGS Exhaust Systems and Sids Wheels for working hard to making it all possible.  The guys at Shaw Speed and Custom were able to work their magic and bring the idea to life.  The bike was completed with one day to spare before specialist bike transporters Ideliver were due to take the bike to the press launch ready to be shown to the world!

Watch this space for our next project!